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UPS Systems

Our extensive experience as power protection specialists means we will work with you in assessing your current and future requirements and provide the optimum single or three phase UPS solution for you.

We provide a complete range of product utilising the latest technology from the leading manufacturers with power ratings from 200VA to 4.8MVA.

Tower (floor standing) or rack-mount UPS systems are available with battery extension packs; which increase battery back-up time from a few minutes to many hours.

Options for modular or parallel systems for redundancy or capacity are available, providing scale-ability, and allowing your UPS system to grow as your power demand increases at minimal cost.

UPS Group

UPS systems up to 3kVA are normally 'Plug & Play' and are user installable. UPS systems over a 3kVA rating require electrical installation by qualified personnel (see our range of services for Installation) and may require commissioning by the manufacturer or similar.

  • Riello UPS
  • Eaton Powering Business Worldwide
  • APC
  • SDMO
  • Emerson Network Solutions
  • GE Digital
  • Dale Power Solutions
  • Shenton Group